Become 1

Don't Leave Intimacy to Chance



Become 1 is passionate about deepening the relationships in life that matter most. Don't leave intimacy to chance, begin the journey of having the kind of relationship you've always wanted!

Becoming 1 in our marriages is so much more than a promise we make - it's a journey we take together for a lifetime. We said those two little words - "I Do" - so shouldn't our marriages just work? The reality is intimacy and oneness doesn't happen by chance, it's a choice! One of the most misunderstood elements in relationships today is intimacy. For many couples, they've come to believe that sex and intimacy are one in the same; and while intimacy may include sex, it really does involve so much more. It literally encompasses all that we are.

The reality is God has designed intimacy to be a deep mutual knowing and sharing of one person to another in three specific areas of life: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Intimacy allows us to become best friends and life-long lovers. It provides a place in our relationships where we feel safe to share, free to love, and where couples can grow together as soul mates. The good news is you don't have to live alone in your marriage any longer! Don't leave intimacy to chance...Become 1!