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Don't Leave Intimacy to Chance



Become 1 is passionate about deepening the relationships in life that matter most. Don't leave intimacy to chance, begin the journey of having the kind of relationship you've always wanted!

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In these groups, we will offer 10 follow-up sessions that will focus on you and your mates relationship spiritually, physically, and relationally. This group will meet every other week. We will meet and greet on Oct 4th @ 4:00-5:30 pm. We will then begin our group the following week October 11th @ 5:00 pm. These Couple Coaching Groups are faith based, but no matter where you find yourself on that continuum, you are sure to find a place to belong. We offer a safe place for all couples who are all looking to deepen their relationship with an experienced Relational Coach. 

In each group we will cover some relational topics that we believe will greatly enhance and transform your relationship with God and one another. 


Some of these topics we will cover are: 

  • Discovering the 4 Intimacy Ingredients that every Relationship Needs to Survive.
  • Experiencing Intimacy by getting Free from Fear in our Relationships.  
  • Leaving the Past Behind and Learning to Move Forward. (Life Maps)
  • Breaking Free form Unhealthy Thinking Patterns.
  • Becoming Friends and Lovers. (Sex) 
  • Developing a Vision for your Relationship.
  • How to Stop the "Relationship Games" we play.
  • Creating an Ongoing Intimacy Action Plan for your Relationship.