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Don't Leave Intimacy to Chance



Become 1 is passionate about deepening the relationships in life that matter most. Don't leave intimacy to chance, begin the journey of having the kind of relationship you've always wanted!

These workshops are designed to be a relaxed, relational kick-start for nearly weds, newly weds, or for any couple who simply wants to begin again in their marriage. This conversational workshop is designed to be a safe place for couples to learn what it takes to strengthen their relationships, deepen their intimacy, and ultimately prepare for a lifetime journey together. The cost of this event is FREE!!! Space is limited, so register today! As an added bonus when you complete this state recommended pre-marital workshop you will become eligible to recoup up to 100% of your marriage licensing cost in the state of Texas.*

This workshop is a relaxed setting where you and your mate can:

  • Discover how to lovingly meet each others "high relational needs"
  • Develop the ongoing habits that are essential to experiencing deep relational intimacy
  • Share stories with other couples who are on the same journey
  • Learn to close the "Communication Gaps" that all couples struggle with
  • Build a Godly foundation for your marriage

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Conference Details

2 Becoming 1 workshops will be held in and around the Austin, Texas area at various locations. Please see our full list of upcoming events or contact us if you would like to host an event!

Workshops For 2016

Keeping Marriages Healthy:

  • Develop intimacy through four key ingredients of an intimate relationship
  • Develop foundations for continued growth through Marriage “Staff ” Meetings
  • Establish a vision for your marriage and family
  • What is intimacy?
  • How do I better understand emotions?
  • How do we handle conflict?

Dates For KMH 2016:

Bill leading Next Gen Leaders

Bill leading Next Gen Leaders

1/9/16-Location TBD

2/6/16-ACC Cypress Creek

3/19/16-Location TBD

4/9/16-ACC Cypress Creek

5/21/16-Location TBD

6/25/16-ACC Cypress Creek

7/30/16-ACC Cypress Creek

8/27/16-ACC Cypress Creek

Relational Impact:

  • Explore how giving first is the key to healthy relationships
  • Discover your own Ten Relational Needs
  • Learn to recognize and meet key relationship needs
  • Identify aloneness and discover how to remove it
  • Practice skills that will enhance any relationships

Dates For RI 2016:

ACC Cypress Creek

ACC Cypress Creek

1/30/16-ACC Cypress Creek

2/20/16-ACC Cypress Creek

4/30/16-ACC Cypress Creek

5/7/16-ACC Cypress Creek

7/16/16-ACC Cypress Creek

Relational Wellness:

  • Learn how to develop close, authentic relationships... They can be challenging!
  • Become a person who knows how to relate to others in healthy ways
  • Understand what prevents you from experiencing relational wellness and how to change that
  • Practice skills for healthy communication, conflict resolution                                                                                      and expressing care

Dates For RW 2016:

3/5/16-ACC Cypress Creek

6/11/16-ACC Cypress Creek




Emotional Fitness:

  • Why we must address emotions - others and our own - to be "heart healthy".
  • Three key Emotional fitness skills (emotional empathy, expression & responding)
  • Understanding of what happens when emotions accumulate
  • How to resolve painful emotions such as hurt, anger & fear

Dates For EF 2016:

8/13/16-Location TBD